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Scammers are lowest known garbage that we will not tolerate.  Anyone found scamming on this forum will pay the price of having personal 
info posted, email addresses, links to their known sites and IP addresses connected to them.  We will be harsh on any scammer 
and all other bbing sites will be informed of said person(s).  The Staff will determine who is a scammer or not.   I have seen often 
a nervous customer jump the gun to often.  

IMPORTANT:  IF a member has an issues or pack is late it does not qualify for the said sponsors name to be added here without enough 
proof. Again, these small issues will be resolved by staff. If not, said problems will be litigated in our resolutions forum. 

AA Staff

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The more you Sweat in peace, the less you Bleed in war!

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      Yes they are they definitely are one of the best most accurate bang for your buck deals out there. Good times when you can get a 1 moa rifle for $300 or less if you look around he’ll of a deer rifle 
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      Hello AA we are holding an auction for $250 worth of our products on our website www.SciroxxOnline.com This contest will be active for 7 days so it ends on the 26th a Tuesday. Starting bid is 100$ and we go in increments of $25!   www.Sciroxxonline.com pick your products from our website if you are the winner!   Happy Bidding.

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