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Disputes & Regulations

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Why the need for Disputes & Resolutions forum:

Dispute resolution processes have several advantages. Certain processes can provide the parties involved with greater participation 
in reaching a solution, as well as more control over the outcome of the dispute. In addition, dispute resolution processes provide the
parties invovled a chance to litigate why an issue has gotten to the point that no resolution can be reached without outside help. When 
it has gotten to the point that the staff needs to get invovled in mediating a proper outcome it is imperative that both sides fully 
understand no childish like behavior will be accepted by either party.  That will end the process and have the staff rule against you. 
Once a case is open, both parties will present their evidence - emails,etc, etc that have not been tampered with.  Presenting any 
evidence that has been tampered with will automatically close the case and ruling will go against you.  Once a case has been mediated 
the thread will be locked permantantly.  We will not go back and open any case that has been locked. 

AA Staff

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