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Busted in idaho!

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Steroid Dealer Convicted for Ordering and Selling Steroids in Idaho




In Idaho, a federal jury convicted a Pocatello man of ordering steroids online and reselling them to customers locally. According to court documents, the man had been ordering and reselling pounds of anabolic steroids for at least one year.[broken External Image]:https://www.deepdotweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/word-image-35.jpeg


Travis M. Newbold, 47, found himself on the receiving end of a controlled delivery conducted by the United States Postal Inspection Service and other law enforcement agencies in 2017. Right one year after being indicted on several steroid importation and distribution charges, a federal jury at the U.S. Courthouse in Pocatello came to a conclusion concerning Newbold’s guilt. The jury ruled that Newbold had committed one count of importation of anabolic steroids, one count of conspiracy to import anabolic steroids, and one count of possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids.


“Helping to ban the flow of illegally imported drugs into Idaho is a high priority for our office,” U.S. Attorney Bart M. Davis said in reference to drug crimes prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Idaho. “We are proud the partnership with local and federal law enforcement yielded a conviction in this important case.”


Court documents detailed an investigation that likely began due to a package seizure and not an investigation into Newbold. In October 2017, the United States Postal Inspection Service intercepted a package of anabolic steroids that Newbold had ordered from an unknown steroid vendor. The package, according to authorities, contained more than three pounds of steroids. Although many forms of steroids exist in a liquid state, the intercepted package contained powdered steroids, hence the use of the measurement usually used for measuring solids. Other steroids later found in Newbold’s possession were suspended in vials of liquid for distribution.


The United States Postal Inspection Service worked alongside Homeland Security Investigations to properly identify Newbold as the intended recipient of the seized steroid package. The Pocatello Police Department assisted in the investigation and collected evidence connecting Newbold to local steroid transactions. The details of their investigation were not included in the court documents filed by special agents with Homeland Security Investigations or postal inspectors with the United States Postal Inspection Service.


After gathering enough evidence to link Newbold to charges outside of steroid importation or attempted possession, Homeland Security Investigations special agents, the postal inspectors involved in the case, and officers with the Pocatello Police Department conducted a controlled delivery of the package. Newbold accepted the package and presumably signed for it, despite the numerous warnings against signing for packages found on many of the subreddits dedicated to buying illegal substances on the darkweb.


Refusing a package delivery when undercover law enforcement officers are attempting to collect extra evidence by having the recipient accept the package will not prevent an arrest, however. In one case, the United States Postal Inspection Service and Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a controlled delivery of a package of marijuana at the house of former Xanax vendor Matthew Yensan. Yensan repeatedly declined to sign for the package and wanted the “USPS employee” to keep the package. At the end of the dispute, federal agents still raided Yensan’s house, causing Yensan to flee out the back door. He temporarily escaped but DEA agents caught up with him afterwards.


In Newbold’s case, the package acceptance only helped prosecutors prove Newbold had expected the package of steroids. After he accepted it, federal law enforcement raided his house and found assorted items associated with drug trafficking, vials and containers of steroids, and recipes for creating different forms of injectable steroids.


Both Anthony Galetti, the Postal Inspector in Charge for the Seattle Division of the United States Postal Inspection Service and Brad Bench, the Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle Division of Homeland Security Investigations commented during an announcement with U.S. Attorney Bart M. Davis and the Pocatello Police Sergeant.


“The United States Postal Inspection Service is dedicated to enforcing the laws that defend the nation’s mail system from illegal or dangerous use and ensure public trust in the mail by holding those persons accountable who attempt to utilize the United States Postal Service to traffic illicit controlled substances,” Postal Inspector Anthony Galetti said. The Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent said he was glad that HSI helped a team of “highly-motivated professional agents and law enforcement partners” take a dealer of “unregulated substances” off the streets.


Newbold is scheduled for sentencing on January 10, 2019. He faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years imprisonment.

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Poor guy....

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You mess with the Bull you get the Horns

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