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Found 7 results

  1. What ur take on cross fitters? I have a couple friends that r die hard cross fitters and I love giving them shit. I think there is a place for it but as far as I'm concerned it has a small place in my focus in bb. My friend JJ loves to compare lifts, reps, and time under duration. And yes I get a kick out of showing him up every time. We work for the same company so at least once a month we r able to bs at the same site about lifting. He likes to draw depictions of me on our many easer boards. I always seem to resemble a big bald block ape looking figure w glasses on lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Guest

    Arms Training

    Bicep workout week 1 Warm up before training and stretch after workout !!ALL SETS /workouts are 1 warm up set and 3 working sets. Weight on workouts are heavy 8-10 6-8 4-6. Warm up is 12+ reps 1) 1 arm cable curls. ( adjust cable all the way to bottom) supersetted with ez curl bar drag curl. 2) 1 arm concentration curl on cable machine Supersetted with lie down ez curl skull crushers. 3) straight bar cable face pull. Supersetted with reverse grip tricep pull downs ( cable height about face height) 4) sit Down dumbbell curls.( 90* bench.) supersetted with tricep kick.backs. 5)plate loaded preacher curls (1 arm at a time) Supersetted with plate loaded hammer strength tricep pushed down machine. 6) standing ez curls. 7) standing easy curls negatives only. Til failure. ( partner needed for this exercise, to pull up the bar so you can do the negative only ) 8) hammer curls. 9)cable tricep overhead extension 10) cable 1 hand tricep supinated grip extensions supsetteed w pronated grip extensions 11) weighted dips 12) tricep push down with v bar 13)tricep push down with rope 14) tricep overhead extension with rope 15) close grip barbell bench press til failure Stretch too keep range of motion as good as possible. VAULTEK SPONSORED ATHLETE
  3. Guest

    Delts training

    perfect form is key when doing these exercises 1) Shoulder press (done seated or standing) 2) Side/Front/Rear lateral raise 3) Push press 4) Landmine press 5) Lumberjack press 6) Shrugs 7) Face pull 8)Arnold press( dumbells)
  4. Guest

    Training chest

    SAMPLE CHEST WORKOUT. Good form is very important Stretched and warmed up rotators *1)machine incline press -warm up. *2)flat dumbbell presses with Svech press superset * killer excersize 3)incline DB presses with DB lie down overhead extension *4)Hammer strength plate loaded incline press *5)pec dec low/ mid/ high superseted with push-ups *6)decline dumbellpress with decline-dumbbell flyes for superset *7)plate loaded chest press *8)decline Dumbell flyes with a partner adding resistance to the whole range of motion, til failure. 9)double cable flyes with 1 side up top & one side on bottom. ( takes time too get used too) Go lite. *1 set facing 1 way 1 set facing other way. So both pecs get the same workout. 10) dips til failure The VAULT KEEPER
  5. Guest

    Training partner

    Is In great shape MEMBER OF THE VAULT
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