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Cardarine (gw501516)

I have been using this product for the last 1.5 months to see what it could do for me or maybe I should say to see if it could accelerate my endurance and cardio.

i was not interested in the potential of it to help burn fat at this venture just its ability to speed up the rate at which I could build my cardio.

my motivating factor at the start of this venture was switching job and role I figured I would be a lot less active and honestly I was doing no cardio while at my last job, I was more active, I did a fair amount of walking and physical manual labor to help out the guys working for me. Even with this activity my resting average heart rate was up to 85 and really concerned me.

i was taking on a new position that required me to work from home 60% of the time and travel the rest. Not much opportunity to be more active while working. I had to get my resting heart back down and aimed for a goal of 75 in a 3 month range. 

im not much for doing repetitive mindless cardio but I knew I had to put something into play to meet my goal. I have a lifecycle stepper machine and seated cycle, I also figured I’d throw in farmers walks w weights and weight walking lunges in my basement to switch things up. 
my first week on cardarine was dosed at 20 mg a day. I started w 10 minutes on the seated cycle and moved over to the stepper for 10 minutes. Right off I was so out of breath that I could only keep bent over resting on my elbows to get through the stepper huffing and puffing the whole time. 
I would do my lifting ever other day split upper and lower into 2 groups and cardio on non lift days. 
even through I train legs 2-3 times a week adding in the cardio made my calves and quads sore almost everyday of the week.

the first couple of weeks I was eating the same amount of cals as I was while at the other job. I was gaining weight fast and getting fatter. By the end of the second week I found where my maintenance cals should be at and at least stopped gaining weight.. I had to drop 1800ish cals to stop gaining weight.

I noticed that my endurance and strength was picking up by the end of week 2. Resting heart rate still at 85.

by end of week 3 my resting heart rate was down between 80-75 average and I was able to incorporate hit cycles on the stepper 2 min standing up right and 1 min low intensity for 25-30 min straight. 
by week 4 and 5 I was able to bumped up cardio frequency to 4-5 days a week. I bumped up my hit on the stepper to 4 min high intensity and 1 min low for an average of 30-40 minutes all standing straight up or hands not touching the side bars the whole time. 
my endurance, and cardio strength had increased a lot more and a lot faster than I thought it would at this point.

i had incorporated weighted walks and lunges. I count a walk around the basement inside walls as one lap. At week 3 I could only do 4 laps b4 having to drop the 100lbs weight and rest a minute to now being able to do 8-10 laps x 4. My lunges laps are up to 6-8 laps x 4.

now that I’m passed the 1.5 months I have a resting heart rate average of 70-73.


overall I have been impressed with the add of cardarine. Please don’t take what I have said to mean cardarine was the sole reason for the improvements. But I will say that it has had an impact at building things up quicker.

As I said my initial goal and expectation to get where I wanted to be I figured would take close to 3 months. 
I am getting closer and closer to 50 and my recovery and overall growth have slowed down.

i have not changed any other aspect of my gear or macros other than reducing total cals and some reduction on protein.


just wondering from any others who have used it what was your overall view of it and benefits? Was it worth it for you? 



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I love Cardarine. I use it for the same reasons, the increase in cardio ability. It's great to use but I ran into issues when I was using it for over 16 weeks. Always gotta keep an eye on the bloodwork, if it is quality it will most likely not effect much but the grade I got was a bit sub par and threw my labs out of whack with a lengthy run. it is a CYP inhibitor also so if you're taking any meds or orals be mindful of the changes that can happen.

I would typically run it at the beginning of a cycle, and then right afterwards so I could keep the intensity as high as I could.

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