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Punch in the gut

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 This will be the hardest post I’ve ever had to write.I thought I was finally getting over Cellulitis in both legs and the Friday afternoon my left ankle started throbbing.Within an hour it was more than I could bare.I finally called an ambulance and found out I have a Superinfection in the ankle.That was bad enough then they told me at 4am I’ve tested positive for the C-Virus.I was not ready for that at all.And if that wasn’t bad enough I call my mother to tell her an& all she did was scream at me like I caught it on purpose and now I could gave it to them and that I can’t come back there until I’m completely over it.I’ve been there for the last year helping them and trying to recover myself.Now I’ve got to figure where to stay if my superinfection gets before the 10 day quarantine is up!. Can’t afford a motel and all my close friends have already died.Right now I’m sitting here staring out my window wondering if A.If I’ll leave this hospital alive at all and if I do where do I go.Not posting this for sympathy but to let you guys know I’ll hang around here as long as I can but if it’s Gods will 8 leave then I leave.Also please don’t take one breath you breath for granted.Even in bad times just be happy you’re still ALIVE!

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Damn brother , that’s some tough shit you are going thru. It seems like most are going thru some hard shit , well some more than others , and 2020 keeps lingering on thru 21. It’s like never ending. The nightmare just continues and continues and no matter how hard you try to wake up , it’s impossible. 
I was praying with my son last nite before bed and I asked how long can this keep on going. Death, disease, violence, hate, man the list seems to get longer every day. But what I did ask for was faith that this too will end. Idk when , how , but it will end. These are times we have to hold on and be strong and push forward. Without sounding corny , we have to put our game face on bro. 
Just get over the infection and then put thought into what you’ll do next , one thing at a time bro. Too much and you’re gonna burn out , especially now. 
Not sure if you have a higher power , but ask them for help in making your next move. It’ll come to you bro. 
Prayers going your way , for what it’s worth to you. But keep your head up!!!

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