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5cc's of air in your neck

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Hey y'all, I hope you guys know 8 am just teasing with my crazy posts.


It looks like this may be a fairly new board that I stumbled across.


I am just trying to create activity and traffic with my meaningless posts.


I do have quite a bit of knowledge with gear and will start acting like a responsible adult moving forward.


I hope a few of y'all appreciated my sense of humor.


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Welcome Rubisean. I’m fairly new here as well. I’m always grateful for people with a sense of humor. There are some great guys here.

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Bro you seem like a stand up easy going guy and have a good sense of humor.

its good to have you here.

this forum has been around for some years now. There were issues w the original forum platform and much of the original members were invited here versus just stumbling across it.

there were some deliberate sabotages going on behind the seens. The owner Aristo invested in a solid versatile op system and changed tech and some staff.


at the end of the day here we r. We incourage members to invite friends over as we want to grow.

i think we have a great forum and members. We are all hear to learn and help each other out. We all start some where so tolerance should be a forefront thought, no need to flame someone. Hell we are not all going to see eye to eye but should be able to calmly agree to disagree.


anyways bubba it is great to have you here and think you can be a huge value to the activity we all want.

any concerns or issues shoot staff a pm.

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