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Auctions & Contest

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AA Forum Auctions

Auctions help support our forum and bring a great deal of enjoyment and prodcucts to our members.  I encourage all members to parcipate
in all auctions.  A few rules should be followed when participating in any acution.  

All auctions and Contests are too be posted by vendors,reps or staff and MUST HAVE Prior approval from staff. All other auctions or 
contests must have prior administrative approval as well!!!!


1. To participate in a Auction or contest the members involved must be active members of AA for A minimum of 2 months and a minimum of 
60 quality posts. 
2. To place a bid and back out or fail to come through with payment for winning bid is punishable by PERMANENT FORUM BAN! Remember: 
bid only if you have money to pay. Payment has to be made within 24 hours.
3. Your personal information will be posted in open forum: name, email address, home address, phone number and more than likely a 
picture of your face.
4. Bids must be in increments of no less and no more than $20.00
5. All auctions will be closed on end date. 
6. All auctions and contests are too be paid within 24 hours of the winning. Failure to comply is punishable as described in rules 1 and 2
7. In case winner doesn't come through with payment, next highest bidder wins the auction. Failure to comply is punishable 
as described in rules 1 and 2.

AA Staff

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