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Female "traps" regarding gear

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I happen to be very PRO women using gear- if they are using it right. I stumbled on my first steroid forum last October after I'd hurt my back and was laid out for two weeks with nothing to do and searching for something to help me heal faster. I dug and read and asked very few questions....but read it all. Found that I became quite comfortable with SARMS (which I feel are a million times better for the non-competing female). Traps abound....kinda like the article I'm about to rip into.....bear with me....


I started learning more about steroids when I dated a guy who was really frustrated with his current cycle and lack of progress. Being the person I am, I dove in to try and help...and learned more than I had ever thought.


Looking through google----I came across an article that pisses me off. "7 best steroids for women". Anavar, clenbuterol, winstrol, Deca, HGH, Nolvadex and ephedrine.


First- clen, gh, nolvadex and ephedrine are NOT steroids.

Second- Deca is NOT for a novice female and NOT as the article states "women dont want to gain 30-40lbs of muscle".... Holy mother of god....put a girl on deca and the water weight alone will freak her out. If deca's "little sister" can pack on 10lbs in 10 weeks on me....what on earth would deca have done?


Anavar- while safe is not "fool proof" for females. Some will tolerate it VERY well and others will have some virilization- especially if they follow another articles advice "One pill in the morning and One pill at night" followed up with "run it longer than the six weeks people say, run it 8-10 weeks"...and that was posted by a decently ripped female....heaven help a woman if she gets a male's pack of anavar and runs "one pill in the morning and one pill at night"


Winny---while it *may* be safe for women, this is often where you hear women say their voice changed and their clit swelled even though it's *safe*. I've done some digging and will continue to dig...but for the women...Winny is DHT derived, not test derived. DHT is what is responsible for fetal male sex characteristics that influence the prostate, seminal vessicles as well as male genitalia. Because of this, it reacts with androgenic receptors and has a high affinity for them......despite it's low androgenic rating. I"m not saying it's safe....I'm saying be careful. Low and slow with winny. If you're sensitive about your voice changing or your clit swelling....the first sign of this, drop it and stay off gear for a while.


Nolvadex is a SERM- selective estrogenic receptor modulator. It will block estrogen from connecting to it's receptors. While some claim that these are safe for women-----someone I look up to put it best "Estrogen is what makes you a woman, do NOT block that from doing it's job". If you're looking to drop water, you didn't prep right. Start all over again at the next competition. This is NOT a steroid and should NOT be on the list.


Clen and Ephedrine- will speed up your HR and can have "fat loss" properties. Not for the weak though as small doses of either will send your hr through the roof and your hands shaking. Clen (from personal experience) run for a while will also dry you out (in the not good way----have lube on hand if you insist on running this). Neither of these are steroids. Shouldn't even be on the damn list.


GH- NOT a steroid. Shouldn't be on the list. Great for everyone, horribly expensive (yes I budget for it monthly because I compete) you wont even see results for MONTHS so people tend to get a 2-3 month supply and then quit before it even kicks in and starts to work.

Lift like a man, Look like a lady!

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Are the virilization side effects reversible? Like clit enlargement? Would that be while on steroids or once is swollen it will stay swollen?

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Dear Luci,

Depend on prolong usage.   If it occurred during first usage some will go back to normal. 

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