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What ur take on cross fitters?


I have a couple friends that r die hard cross fitters and I love giving them shit.


I think there is a place for it but as far as I'm concerned it has a small place in my focus in bb.


My friend JJ loves to compare lifts, reps, and time under duration.

And yes I get a kick out of showing him up every time.

We work for the same company so at least once a month we r able to bs at the same site about lifting.

He likes to draw depictions of me on our many easer boards.

I always seem to resemble a big bald block ape looking figure w glasses on lol.



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Guest JuicedVenom

I'm. Not a crossfitter. My joints would be popping out of socket. Too each they're own. I still can out do you on muscle ups.

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Crossfit can be very dangerous, i posted up awhile back about this subject. Google rhabdomyolysis, that is enough for me to say no.

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