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    Jim Ross Doesn’t Care If Brock Lesnar is Using Steroids

    The legendary pro wrestling commentator does not care if all professional wrestling entertainers are using steroids as long as it is under doctor’s supervision.

    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has had a long and distinguished broadcast career as a professional wrestling commentator that has spanned five decades. He has not spoken a lot about anabolic steroids and what appears to be their rampant use in pro wrestling. But he recently admitted that he is not at all troubled by the association of steroids with pro wrestling.

    Ross expounded about the use of anabolic steroids on his “Grilling JR” podcast with Conrad Thompson on July 11, 2019.

    Ross was reluctant to throw anyone under the bus as a steroid user especially when asked about WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. Ross denied knowing the truth. He deflected the question by pointing to the role that genetics could have played in Lesnar’s physique.

    “Good ol’ JR” refuses to conclusively say whether it’s genetics or steroids.

    Ross recalled Lesnar’s father being a “big, rugged, powerful man” who was “thick, muscular, barrel-chested” with “hands look like catcher’s mitts (sic)”.


    So there is no doubt in my mind this kid’s got great genetics,” Ross said, “but because he sometimes got real ripped, you gotta wonder if that was just his diet, can he do that?

    Even if Brock Lesnar was openly using steroids, Ross would not mind. It would not be a problem if every single pro wrestling was using steroids either.

    Ross qualified his support of steroid use in pro wrestling. He would expect steroid use to be performed under medical supervision. Ross seemed to think that most wrestlers, but particularly Lesnar, would responsibly look after their own health. After all, wrestlers should be incentivized to lmaximize their investment in themselves.


    I don’t care if they all do steroids. I really don’t… It doesn’t matter. If you’re getting doctor’s care, and somebody’s looking after you, and you’re looking after your own health, and it makes you feel better. As long as you’re using your brains, and it’s under doctor’s care, and you’re not blowing yourself up like the Goodyear blimp, or the Subway guy, then why not?

    Steroids in pro wrestling have never been a major concern for most people. After all, pro wrestling is not a real sport in which the outcome could conceivably be affected by performance-enhancing drugs. The outcomes are predetermined before the wrestlers step into the ring.

    Ross believes the steroid issue is more of a health concern than a cheating concern in pro wrestling. However, he assumes that the entertainers will successfully look after their own health. Unfortunately, there has been little evidence to suggest this would be the case.

    Source: https://roidvisor.com/jim-ross-doesnt-care-brock-lesnar-using-steroids/

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    I wish Lesnar would go back to the UFC... Pro Wrestling is for the kiddos

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    I think gear should be open to any sport. And let it be known who is using. 

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    Agreed, I mean esp in fighting, I’m pretty sure that’s one of the mist tested sports out ther, and you could be banned for just drinking the wrong protein, so unless your born a total animal they all need help with this and that.. you and I both know that muscles, strength, power don’t come in a bottle, if you don’t put the wrk in your not doing nothing but wasting time and money... might as well pour it down the sink. if nothing else ther should be maybe restrictions on what a pro athlete can take or it be under docs care or sumthin, it’s just dam near impossible to NOT take anything and be successful in any sport.. in my opinion 

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